There is so much shit happening in my life i cant even post it on tumblr
O wait
I have a personal


The cervical spinal cordBy removing the rear arches of the neck (cervical) vertebra and the fibrous covering (dura) over the spinal cord one sees the cervical spinal cord and its nerves. The blood vessels nourishing the cord and vertebral column and the origin of the cord from the brain are clearly shown.Read more:

Thomas Ruff


are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch

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Attack Art by Luca Finotti.

Bro I found the perfect man he has a country accent a nice dick he acts masculine and vocal in bed we love the same movies and music and he is so chill I WANT HIM oh god he is pretty HIS EYES ARE SO BLUE AGHHHHHH.


friday i’m in love (by codes-keys)

Anonymous asked: Did you get the D?????!!!

omg, I was so flustered afterword I didnt post… but yes, I did.

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